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Smile, there is no hurry.

My personal journey has taken me from my home in Spain, to finishing my post-doctoral education in London, to my current adventure in the United States.

My passion for science is equaled only by my zest for life. I strive to stay active, enjoy time in nature and invest fully in my relationships. I love to be on the move, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Whether it is through cooking Spanish cuisine for friends and family, hiking in Connecticut and around the world, visiting new locations, or cultivating the friendships that I hold dear, I am purposefully living a life that is full.  

Life is and will always continue to be an adventure. Never stop exploring!

Monteverde Cloud Forest - Costa Rica
Beehive Trail - Acadia National Park, Maine, USA
Bubble Trail - Acadia National Park, Maine, USA
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Voodoo Donuts, Portland. Oregon, USA
Oregon, USA
Mt. Snow, Vermont, USA
New York City, New York, USA
Smelling the flowers!
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Washington, D.C., USA
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