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My Upcoming Journey to Anatarctica

Starting in November 2019, I will have the amazing opportunity to join a fantastic team of women leaders on a yearlong program designed to highlight and strengthen the impact of women in science and on the preservation of our planet. This leadership program culminates with an expedition to Antarctica in November 2020.

Please see below for information on my journey.


I am willing and able to lead.

We are stronger together.

We are taking actions with impact.

- Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet. The three strategic focal points are shown above.

Imagine a year long journey to solve global issues. Amazing. Challenging. Life-changing.

I am a biochemist and molecular biologist whose focus is to understand how and why women get breast and ovarian cancer and how we can prevent it or cure it. My goal is to innovate society with scientific discoveries. I have always wanted to make people understand what I do in the laboratory and how important the translation of my research could be for the society.

'Homeward Bound Program' I am one of 75 selected women to the fifth Homeward Bound Program (#HB5). Homeward Bound is an international leadership, scientific and visibility initiative which aims to bring together 1000 STEMM women across the globe over the course of 10 years creating better outcomes for the human health and our planet. It consists of a year-long leadership training program commencing November 2019 culminating in a three-week intensive expedition to Antarctica in December 2020. See #TeamHB5.

'My motivation' My philosophy is to change the world by growing first. I believe we need to be exposed to new ideas and experiences with people to light up our champion power. I want to take this empowering life changing experience to become a better leader in mentoring new students in STEMM and moving female cancer research to the next level of human care. I want to grow my curiosity and creativity to develop strong leadership skills, which ultimate bring community together and connection to our planet.

'Why Women?' "Many times, I felt as if I was the only woman in the room in my academic field and I wanted to change it”. Imagine a world where everyone feels included and contributing to a better place to habit, where women and men are equal in numbers in STEMM, where everyone can work together for a better and bigger cause. This world can be real and can come with program like Homeward Bound.

'Why Antarctica?' Antarctica is a unique environment to foster creative solutions in collaboration. Many regions of Antarctica need human action and strategy planning to preserve from climate change and women research expeditions are a minority still. The future is too important to be left without women’s action in big questions of human health. We need sustainable leadership trainings to create a more innovative and inclusive planet.

'Why Fundraising?'  The Homeward Bound project is run as a non-profit social enterprise. While the Participant Program Fee covers more than half the expenses for the trip, the program adds over $20,000 in value per participant. I will not be able to self-fund or raise from family and friends alone this amount. Therefore, any contribution will be grateful to contribute to this human cause. Contributions to sponsors: Seminars and discussion to cover my HB5 journey.

If you donate, I will try to give you something meaningful in return, apart from my greatest gratitude and lots of pictures and videos from Antarctica.

Good leaders are great listeners and communicators, curios and creative and love to collaborate and cooperate for a global cause.

Every day in and out the lab my goal is to make one small step to prevent female cancers and eventually each of those small steps add up to lead the force front of prevention of cancer and women health.

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